Sea Sob Inc. has made a natural progression into supplying milling wheat.

We supply all standard grades of milling wheat to wholesalers and flour millers around the world. Due to our extensive grower network we are able to provide custom specifications wheat to suit our client’s requirements.

We appoints an independent inspection company to inspect and analyses the quality of all wheat shipped thus ensuring the integrity of the wheat packed fulfills our clients expectations.

Below is a list of standard wheat grades which we can offer. If you require any particular specifications we are well positioned to source and carefully select the right wheat for your needs.

Canadian wheat Grade Protein % Moisture % screening % wheat purpose and comments — some Clients use low grade wheat for all purpose
Canadian Hard
(approx )
8 %-12.5% (approx) 5% (approx) Bread wheat / General Purpose
Canadian Hard
11.5% to 12.9 % (approx) 8 %-12.5% (approx) 5% (approx) Bread wheat / General Purpose
Canadian Premium White
10.5% to 11.4 % (approx) 8 %-12.5% (approx) 5% (approx) East cost of Canadian bread wheat / General Purpose
Wheat #2
Canadian Premium White
10% to 11.4 % (approx) 8 %-12.5% (approx) 5% (approx) standard bread wheat /General Purpose
Soft wheat
9.5% (approx) 8 %-12.5% (approx) 5% (approx) Biscuit wheat / General Purpose
Canadian Soft wheat
9.5% to 10.5 % (approx) 8 %-12.5% (approx) 5% (approx) Biscuit wheat/ General Purpose
Canadian (noodle wheat) 9.5% to 12.9 % (approx) 8 %-12.5% (approx) 5% (approx) Noodles / General purpose
Canadian (General Purpose) N/A N/A 10% -15% (approx) General Purpose
Durum Wheat 13% (approx) 8 %-12.5% (approx) 5% (approx) Pasta / General Purpose
Feed wheat N/A N/A 10% -15% (approx) Feed wheat